Oak Hills Elementary: The Reading Room

For the first time in Mrs. Pitt’s career, every student in her class started the school year at grade level.

The Oak Hills Elementary community came together to improve reading outcomes, making a difference in the lives of their students – this is their story.

Reading Room Goal:
– By the time students leave elementary school they are reading at grade level

Reading Room Results:
– 2014-2015 Volunteer Hours: 1086
– Moved 60 students from below-level reading proficiency to grade-level proficiency

To improve reading scores:

– Increase pre-school access for at-risk children
– We support funding quality pre-school programs that prepare at-risk children to enter school ready to learn.
– Expand optional full-day Kindergarten programs
– We support doubling our full-day kindergarten classes to serve an additional 5,000 at-risk students.
– Expand early intervention reading programs
– We support result-based funding for expanded early intervention reading programs.