How Much Will Your School Benefit

The additional funding will be distributed to local schools as follows:
●    Elementary schools (Grades: PK to 6) receive 60 percent of the funding or $307 million. These funds will focus on early learning and critical skills in elementary school.
●     Junior high or middle schools (Grades: 7 to 9) receive 20 percent of the funding or $102.3 million for math and reading skills, STEM exploration and preparation for high school success.
●    High Schools (Grades: 10 through 12) receive 20 percent of the funding estimated to be $102.3.  Funds would be directed at college and career preparation, additional counselors (career coaches), and dropout prevention.
The full list of strategies for improving school outcomes is outlined in Prosperity through Education, a plan prepared jointly by Education First and Prosperity 2020.

Each school’s funding will be based on enrollment at the end of the previous year and on a local plan for improving school outcomes. Exact funding amounts will change based on when the vote is approved

We urge you to support giving Utahns the opportunity to restore a significant portion of the previously lost funding to our public school students. By putting a 7/8 of one percent Initiative for Public Schools on the ballot, you will in turn empower local parents and educators to make changes in their own school districts, to prepare their children for a brighter future.