Granger High School: Credit Recovery

When a student’s grades begin to slip at Granger High School, he or she is sent to credit recovery with Mr. Ken Hopkins.

Mr. Hopkins is an education veteran who has been in the classroom for over 34 years. Originally a math teacher, Mr. Hopkins has transformed the lives of students who have struggled to excel in subjects that are necessary for both high school graduation and success in life.

Mr. Hopkins has been noticed for his work. In 2009 Hopkins was awarded the Huntsman Award for excellence in education. At that time, he conducted an interview with Deseret News. An excerpt from that article shares:

Kenneth Hopkins’ motto is “You have to believe to succeed,” and he reinforces it in his classroom.

He recently gave a speech on tolerance and diversity, quoting from Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Students were silent, and adults were in tears, said West Lake Junior High Principal Heather Nicholas.

Hopkins likes to walk the halls and give “high fives” to the kids, addressing them by name.

Hopkins coordinates with Redwood Elementary School, where Nicholas says he sits with students just to talk about their struggles and is “a positive influence in their lives.” He also teaches math in Redwood’s after-school program. “His students are engaged in the learning process for the hour he has them,” she said. “Their excitement for math is due to Mr. Hopkins’ true passion for the subject and undeniable love he has for each child in his class.”

Former student Rod Goode, now principal of Northwest Middle School, said Hopkins has been an incredible mentor. “No success is achieved alone,” Goode said (Read the full article here).

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