Utah Public Higher Education Expects Over 50,000 New Students by 2025

Utah Public Higher Education Expects Over 50,000 New Students by 2025
Occasional Paper – Vol: 4

Assuming just the current college participation rate, an additional 50,000 students will enter Utah’s public colleges and universities in the next 10 years. To put it in perspective, that is a few thousand more people than the current population of Logan, Utah.

As we work to make college accessible for all Utahns, including those populations who haven’t historically pursued a higher education, the number of additional students at these colleges and universities is expected to increase even more.


Enrollment growth at Utah’s public college and universities, 2000-2025

What will it take for higher education to accommodate 50,000+ more students?

  • Physical Space
    Ninety seven percent of these 50,000+ incoming students will choose to take the majority of their college classes on campus, only supplementing their on-campus schedule with one or two online classes. Utah’s college and university campuses will need to add more capital facilities in order to provide the physical space needed for these additional students.
  • Course sections and faculty
    In order to make sure students graduate in a timely manner, a sufficient number of course sections need to be provided, so students don’t hit a roadblock when they find courses are full. More faculty and course sections need to be added to ensure this does not happen.
  • Student support services
    Many students – especially first-generation, low-income or otherwise underserved students – need additional resources in order to navigate higher education and successfully graduate. In order to make higher education accessible for all students, we need to ensure they are guided throughout their college education by student support staff.
  • IT resources
    It is becoming increasingly important that campus IT departments have the proper infrastructure to maintain the security of higher education’s data, which includes sensitive student information.