Make 2015 the landmark year for education in Utah

As we approach the final week of the session, two bills need your help. Contact legislators today to make sure they support:

Also, please join the education community rally for increased investment in education:

  • March 9, 5:30 pm State Capitol Rotunda Read more.

For the sake of our children and our economy, we have rallied as a community behind the movement to take education in Utah to Top 10. The 2015 Legislature has supported a number of strategic measures to further state goals to:

  • Improve Utah students’ reading and language skills
  • Improve Utah students’ math and analytics skills
  • Improve Utah students’ college readiness
  • Improve instruction in Utah schools
  • Increase number of Utahns with postsecondary degrees and certificates

Many of the components of Prosperity through Education, the 5-year plan for education, have strong support. Supporting the two bills listed above will ensure all aspects of the plan continue the needed momentum.

During this last week of the legislative session, these and other bills will be finalized. Your support will be needed to make 2015 the year that we invest in our future and continue to move forward toward making Utah a top 10 state for education in the country.

Education is the key to a prosperous future in Utah.