Governor’s Budget Proposal Good for Education

Education First and Prosperity 2020 issue the following statement SALT LAKE CITY (Dec. 11, 2014) – Alan Hall, Chairman of Prosperity 2020, in partnership with Education First issues the following statement regarding Gov. Herbert’s fiscal year 2016 budget proposal:

The business community appreciates Governor Hebert’s leadership for proposing a monumental investment in Utah’s future prosperity. His recommended investment includes funding many of the key recommendations in the five-year Prosperity through Education plan. The plan outlines strategic investments that are needed to take Utah to the top ten in education.

Never before has the business community been so unified in its approach to improving Utah’s education. This unanimity is seen in the plan announced earlier this year. We look forward to working with the governor and Legislature in implementing these key strategic investments.

Our state has clear warning signs in educational achievement and growing transportation needs that require investment today. We will compromise our future economic success if we ignore these needs. Investing in education is an important component of building a skilled workforce that will allow our economy to grow, creating greater economic opportunity for Utahns and our families.

If adopted by the legislature, the governor’s budget would be the largest investment in education seen in recent decades. Utah is currently average among states in education performance. With the recommendation of nearly $500 million in new state funds, Utah will continue to progress to being in the top ten.

The governor’s recommendations complement the work of the Legislative Education Task Force, which identified early on the need to improve third grade reading, eighth grade math, high school graduation rates and the number of Utahns with college degrees or certificates – all components of the Prosperity Through Education plan and priorities for the Governor.

It appears that Utah is at a remarkable point of consensus supporting an investment in Utah’s education. With this consensus, we are confident that Governor Herbert and the Legislature will work together to fund Utah’s continued economic prosperity. Their joint leadership in supporting Utah’s future workforce and taking Utah closer to a top ten state in education will ensure a bright economic future for today’s children and Utah’s future.

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