A Utah Success Story: Cache County Reading Program

Cache County School District is helping students learn to read well. Cache students performed 19% above the state average on the 2013-14 SAGE test. They have consistently been well above the state average over the past 8 years. Low income students and English language learners in the Cache County School District are also succeeding at higher rates than the state average for their groups. What is Cache doing to help young readers succeed? Listen to Sara Krebs, Literacy Coordinator for Cache Country School District, describe the approach they’ve taken in a speech she gave at AXL.



Success stories like these provide insight into what we can accomplish with the right strategies. Children need to learn to read to be able to learn other things and to have the confidence to work hard and do well in school. Helping them gain these needed skills while they are young is a critical component of helping them succeed.

Prosperity in Education, the 5-Year Plan to take Utah to top ten in the country in education, includes strategies and funding to facilitate better reading for young learners to provide them the tools and the foundation for success. It will enable districts to do things like this. Learn more about the 5-Year Plan and strategies to help students read well.

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