Unprecedented Excitement in Education

A poll conducted by the Legislative Policy Summit shows the top public policy topic on the minds of Utahns is Education. With the formation of a Education Task Force last year, and more discussion than ever before, the Legislature is responding with a strong slate of education legislation. Education First of Utah is working to see that legislation promoting education passes to benefit Utahns and to prepare Utah to have an educated workforce prepared for the future.

Legislature putting Education First:

Who is E1?

Education First is a citizens group 50,000 members strong, organized as a state PAC. We are dedicated to improved accountability, innovation, and investment for education in Utah. Education First is made up of Utahns from every walk of life with one common goal—securing the economic future of our state by ensuring that the workforce of tomorrow has the skills to compete in a global marketplace. This can only happen through education. Education First supports public officials and candidates for office in Utah who support our state’s economic future by putting education first.

Goals of E1

  • Improve 4th Grade Reading Scores
  • Improve 8th Grade math Scores
  • Improve High School completion and college/career readiness.
  • Encourage innovative teaching in public education
  • Support the 66% goal of Utahns having post secondary certificates.

Learn more

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Bill Watch

SB111 This bill makes changes related to school property taxes and funding. Directs funding to School Councils who will make local decisions and create plans that meet most critical academic needs. HB96 Creates a School Readiness board to provide grant funding for early childhood education programs for at-risk students. SB148 Directed to early intervention and children at greatest risk. Develops school readiness. SB42 Directs funding grants to qualifying education agencies for high quality preschool programs.